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Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments2021-07-23T14:08:59-04:00
906, 2021

First day using our Trishaw bike at Bayfield Manor

Few years of fundraising. Smiles on Residents’ faces… priceless!

403, 2021

Furry Visitors Bring Joy to Bayfield Residents

Residents of Bayfield Manor got a special visit on Thursday from some large furry friends. Owners of Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly, Corinne Côté and Kathy Enright, decided to bring two of their alpacas for a visit to Bayfield, in the hopes of bringing some joy to residents’ long COVID days. “We know they’ve done nothing but suffer during this whole pandemic, and we decided this would be something that would put a smile on their faces,” Corinne says.

Not only did residents get to see the two alpacas, Marquis and Momentum, from the window, one of the Bayfield staff members was able to bring Marquis indoors for them to enjoy.

“Given the fact that the activities are so limited because of the COVID lockdown, events like this are just terrific,” says Bayfield’s Executive Director, Gerry Miller. “Everybody loves animals, and great big furry things like this are just a huge hit. It just lightens the heart for everybody.”

Corinne and Kathy have been farming alpacas for 15 years, and currently have just under 30 animals at their farm in Oxford Station. They shear them in the spring and mill the wool to produce all kinds of alpaca products. They have an online store, and sell many of their offerings locally.

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